Darren Morgan takes Seniors title

Darren Morgan saw off a series of snooker legends to win the Wyldecrest Parks World Seniors Championship.

Welshman Morgan beat Cliff Thorburn, Jimmy White and Steve Davis on the final day of the event at the East of England Showground in Peterborough to take the £18,000 top prize.

In fact the 45-year-old from Newport won a total of six matches in the event as he had to get through two rounds in the qualifiers. He conceded just one frame in the tournament, against Davis in the final.

Six-times World Champion Davis, who was also runner-up in this event last year, won the opening frame of the final with a break of 72. Morgan started the second with nine reds and blacks, and went to make 86 for 1-1.

Davis had an early chance in the decider but could only make 14 before missing a tricky red along the top cushion, and Morgan kept his composure with a run of 60 to secure the title.

“It’s got to be up there with the best moments of my career,” said Morgan, who won the Irish Masters during his pro career but never captured a ranking title. “It’s just nice to be back and to be a World Champion.

“I came here just wanting to play well on TV, but I didn’t expect to play that well. In the final I just told myself to enjoy it and not to be frightened of losing.

“It’s been a fantastic tournament with good crowds and a brilliant atmosphere. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the old friends and getting into the spirit of it.”

Morgan dropped out of the pro game four years ago and insists that he would not contemplate trying to come out of retirement. “It can’t happen, my life is too busy now,” he said. “If someone could put me straight back in the top 32 I would consider it, but it would be too hard for me to get there.

“But if I got offered any wild cards for pro events then I would definitely be interested!”

Davis said: “That’s two years in a row I’ve been runner-up, so maybe next year will be third time lucky. I missed a couple of pressure balls and Darren held himself together very well.”


Last 16

Steve Davis 2-1 Tony Drago

Dene O’Kane 2-1 Neal Foulds

Karl Townsend 2-0 Steve Ventham

John Parrott 2-1 Joe Johnson

Jimmy White 2-0 Tony Knowles

Dennis Taylor 2-0 Nigel Bond

Darren Morgan 2-0 Gary Wilkinson

Cliff Thorburn 2-1 Doug Mountjoy


Davis 2-0 O’Kane

Morgan 2-0 Thorburn

White 2-0 Taylor

Parrott 2-1 Townsend


Davis 2-0 Parrott

Morgan 2-0 White


Morgan 2-1 Davis

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