Ding Junhui Welsh Open

Fine for Ding

The following statement was put up on World Snooker’s website today in which it details a £5,000 fine for repeated breaches of the players contract I am lead to believe this should in-fact only be one breach but World Snooker believe that because he has won 5 titles this season he is in breach of the same publicity clause where a winner of a tournament MUST attend The World Snooker Awards Dinner 5 times.

Considering the amount of money that Ding Junhui has won this season I am sure he will be more than happy to pay the £5,000

From what I understand his reason for not attending The Awards Dinner was because he was on a short break back home in China to spend some time with his family.

The Actual Statement from World Snooker is Below

The WPBSA can confirm that after being fined £5,000 by WSL for failing to attend the WSL Awards Dinner, which put him in breach of his players contract, Ding Junhui has been referred to the WPBSA Disciplinary Committee to consider whether any further action is appropriate with regard to repeated breaches of his players contract. 

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  1. 1.
    It's a shame they cant be transparent and not leave this
    open to innuendo. Thats a hefty fine and going before a
    disciplinary committee seems serious enough.
    It's a shame they cant be transparent and not leave this
    open to innuendo. ....

    What innuendo is that then ??? (i'm not seeing it lol)
    The above was taken from Inside Snooker.

    Ding has now been knocked out of the last two tournaments in the first round
    after having a brilliant season. Wuxi is his home area so many fans will be very
    disappointed I am sure.
    As he is one of my fave players I hope he sorts all of this out and gets back
    to his winning ways.