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Stepehen Lee

WPBSA Statement Stephen Lee Appeal

Edwin Glasgow QC and Peter Stockwell, who formed the Appeals Committee to hear the first part of Stephen Lee’s appeal against his conviction for seven counts of match fixing, have on request of those representing Mr Lee recused themselves from hearing the remainder of the appeal.

The Appeals Committee made the offer to both parties to recuse themselves. The reason for this was that in their decision to dismiss the first part of the appeal they had formed an unfavourable impression of Mr Lee’s truthfulness as a witness of fact on a critical issue.

In addition to dismissing the first part of the appeal, the Appeals Committee concluded that the appropriate order in this case is that Mr Lee should pay a contribution of £30,000 towards the legal costs incurred by the WPBSA in successfully resisting the appeal insofar as it was based on what was found to be misconceived allegations of apparent bias.

Sport Resolutions UK have nominated a new chair for the Appeals Committee in order that the remainder of the appeal can be heard. The nominee has been accepted by the WPBSA and we are keen for the remainder of the appeal to be dealt with as soon as possible.


WPBSA issue warning over Social Media

The WPBSA can not tell a player to not use social media but a letter sent out last week shows their dislike of the recent happenings on Twitter concerning several accounts who claim to be professional Snooker players.

Last week two of the fake accounts were suspended by Twitter pending a investigation into complaints about the content of the Tweets but 3 days later the accounts were back on line and posting again.

Here is the letter sent out on the 28th February to the players.

Social Media

It is with disappointment that I am forced to write to you about a number of issues relating to social media.

Social networking has become a way of life for many people and the audience it reaches is vast and global. Used correctly, social media can be a powerful tool to elevate your career and our sport, but sadly a number of players continue to tweet, retweet or post offensive material.

Let me explain clearly the difficulties which can be caused. As World Snooker continues to pursue potential sponsors, partners and new territories, our sport is scrutinised in every way. What is our sport like? What are our players like? What is our social media like? These are common questions. Companies will scour the internet for stories and comments, in order that their senior executives can take the key decision whether to associate their brand or product with us. One small comment which is offensive, posted or re-posted, can be catastrophic to our commercial value, which in turn is your prize money and events.

The WPBSA is responsible for the governance and integrity of our sport, not only do we monitor betting markets worldwide, we also monitor a significant number of social networking sites. If material is found that is likely to cause offence or damage the commerciality of the sport or should World Snooker or the WPBSA receive any complaints of such postings or re-postings, the WPBSA will take disciplinary action in line with our member’s rules. There are a growing number of players who have been dealt with for breaches of the member’s rules as a result of posts on social networking sites.

In order for you to understand the do’s and don’ts of social networking, the WPBSA has researched the sporting environment and prepared a set of guidelines for you to follow. Please take some time to read and understand these guidelines, as this is a very important issue. 

I will finish by saying the WPBSA has no appetite to quash opinions or stop friendly banter, but we are driving this sport in to new territories for the benefit of you, the players. I urge you all to be considerate and vigilant about your postings. You must think about the implications of your actions, this is our sport and we must safeguard its future together.

Social Media Guidelines


No findings in Thai players betting probe

The WPBSA just put out the statement below, as you may remember from my blog post on the 22nd September 2013 “Arson Attempt at Snooker Players Home” Nigel Mawer was investigating the Arson attempt along with the police, I have spoken with him today and the investigation into the Arson was at a dead end with no arrests being made and no evidence linking the Arson specifically with the players.

WPBSA Statement

In August 2013 the WPBSA’s global gambling monitoring network notified the association that there were unusual betting patterns in relation to two matches during the Qualifying event for the Shanghai Masters played in Doncaster.

The first match was between Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon and Ross Muir and bets were placed on Ross Muir to win. The second match was between Passakorn Suwannawat and Mohamed Khairy and bets were was placed on Mohamed Khairy to win. These bets were considered suspicious as there appeared to be a disregard for the risk of the bets being unsuccessful given the amount of money that was placed and the odds available when considered in the context of the betting history of the individuals making the bets.

The WPBSA initiated an investigation into the matches and in partnership with the Sports Betting Intelligence Unit at the Gambling Commission have conducted extensive enquiries into the unusual betting patterns surrounding these matches.

The WPBSA’s investigation process included liaising with partners in the betting industry and conducting enquiries in the UK and Thailand. Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon and Passakorn Suwannawat were interviewed by the WPBSA as part of this process.

The WPBSA have not found evidence to show any link a between the Thai players and the suspicious betting activity. The WPBSA will therefore take no further action in relation to this suspicious betting.

Ronnie O'Sullivan

O'Sullivan still on top after disciplinary judgement

Maybe I should of titled this post “8 Grand down and still smiling” so lets keep score as we proceed through the disciplinary statement.

Decision 1

Posts on Twitter which broke WPBSA rules 1.1 & 1.2 you can see the Tweets below – World Snooker 1 – 0 Ronnie O’Sullivan


Tweets regarding the taking of pills, probably worth noting that taking pills is not illegal or against the rules unless they are of the illegal kind or on the banned substance list, I have seen the list of pills which he was referring to, all of which are harmless – World Snooker 2 – 0 Ronnie O’Sullivan




Decision 2

Abuse the staff and pay the consequences – World Snooker 3 – 0 Ronnie O’Sullivan 


Not in the statement

Ronnie blatantly looses in the German Masters Qualifying match but no breach of rules found (Can’t enforce a suspension on their golden boy can they) World  Snooker 3 – 1 Ronnie O’Sullivan

Ronnie gets paid £20k appearance fee to appear in Euro events – World Snooker 3 – 2 Ronnie O’Sullivan

Now Ronnie is not in The German Masters he gets paid by EuroSport to be a pundit / Commentator for a few days – World Snooker 3 – 3 Ronnie O’Sullivan

And the decider, Ronnie has just pretty much proven that he can do anything he wants and there will be no serious repercussions because the fact still stands, no Ronnie, no Crowd, no big Sponsor, no Ticket Sales – World Snooker 3 – 4 Ronnie O’Sullivan

Couple of deciders there especially  the Tweets about the vitamins, Ronnie nearly won that one on the simple fact that it has just made World Snooker look stupid by fining him for mentioning that he takes legal health supplements, nothing illegal was mentioned but nor was anything legal so a grey area.

In all he is still up in cash, still free to do whatever he wants and will now probably withdraw from The Welsh Open!!!!!


Below is the full statement released by The WPBSA today.

Please see below two WPBSA decisions relating to Ronnie O’Sullivan

Decision One

The Disciplinary Committee of the WPBSA have formally considered the case of Ronnie O’Sullivan in relation to alleged breaches of the WPBSA Members Rules.

This related to three separate posts on a social networking site in September and October 2013.

The first were comments relating to match fixing that he later retracted with a formal apology.

The second related to the suggestion he took pills that helped his performance and the third was a post of an offensive nature.

The Disciplinary Committee found that he was in breach of Rules 1.1 and 1.2 of the WPBSA Members Rules.

He was fined a total of £6,000 and ordered to pay £1,000 towards the cost of the hearing.

The WPBSA work hard to maintain what is widely considered to be one of the strongest anti-corruption units of any sport as well has having strong anti-doping policies which involve robust testing schedules.

The WPBSA Disciplinary Committee considered that the comments that were made undermined these efforts and were damaging to the image of the sport. Such behaviour will not be tolerated by the WPBSA.

WPBSA Members Rules and Regulations:

Obligations of Members

1 General obligations

1.1 Members shall, at all times (i.e. whether at a Tournament or not), behave in a proper and correct manner consistent with their status as professional sportsmen…..

1.2 A Member shall not make or cause to be made any statement or commit or cause to be committed any act which in the reasonable view of the WPBSA is likely to bring into disrepute the games of snooker and/or billiards.


Decision Two

The Disciplinary Chairman has formally considered the case of Ronnie O’Sullivan in relation to alleged breaches of his players contract under the WPBSA Disciplinary Rules.

This related to an incident at the German Masters Qualifying Tournament in Barnsley on 12th December 2013 where he did not comply with a legitimate request made by a senior referee and was abusive, insulting and disrespectful towards him.

Mr O’Sullivan admitted the allegation and apologised for his behaviour citing conditions at the venue and that he was feeling unwell at the time as the reasons.

The Disciplinary Chairman found that he was in breach of the obligations of a player under his players contract with WSL.

He was fined £1,000 and formally warned as to his future behaviour.

It is essential that players comply with the instructions of the Tournament Director and WSL Officials. The Players contract and rules are in place to provide the officials with support where there is a breach by the player. In this case the match was being streamed and was seen around the world. There is no excuse for the actions of Mr O’Sullivan.


World Snooker Players Contract 2012-13

3. Obligations of the Player

a. General Obligations

In consideration for the Player being invited to participate in the WSL Events the Player shall:

viii.     Comply with the instructions, directions and decisions of the Tournament Director (or his authorised representatives including Tournament Officials and Referees) concerning matters

arising during WSL Events which fall within the general authority and responsibility of the Tournament Director, whether or not specifically provided within these rules. Any decision by the Tournament Director on the matter arising as outlined above shall be final.

x.       Treat all WSL employees, fellow players, Venue staff, Partners, Broadcaster staff, the public and any other people associated with WSL Events with respect and not act in an abusive, insulting, disrespectful, racist, sexist, homophobic, intimidating, threatening or violent manner.